Sunday, January 10, 2010


Since the High Court landmark ruling that allowed Catholic newsletter ‘The Herald’ to use the word ‘Allah’ in its publication to refer to God; and also declared that the word ‘Allah’ was not exclusive to Islam more than a week ago, there are several shameful and unhealthy reactions from some irresponsible Malaysians.

Some people just jumped, and these helped to ignite the ever-sensitive racial and religious issues. Then, some trouble-makers started to attack four churches. There was a mischievous stone-throwing incident at a mosque. These could not be tolerated, not if we truly love Malaysia.

Could these nasty incidents be avoided in the first place? Definitely! Yes, that would be my answer. If the government of the day and those people who could control the mood of the people have taken a different approach in dealings with the issue when it first surfaced, the sensitivities could be neutralized much earlier.
But sadly enough, we did not see a much healthier attitude being adopted then. Hopefully now that these unhealthy and sad incidents have occurred, everybody will wise up. May we be guided by piety and the true teachings of Islam which is just so beautiful. Aamiin.

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BID said...

Waa, tulis omputih pulak lg! Tulis omputih cepat dpt byk pengikut agakyer ye!